About Me

9 years experience




I love what I do. I like getting into the details of things I don't know and figuring them out. I started out on a Texas Instrument computer back in 1981 or so. I had a black and white TV for a monitor, and I saved my work on a cassette recorder. When I saved work, I kicked back and listened to the sweet sound that was to become known as the 'dial-up' tone. With one wrong click you could lose an days worth of work.

I came back to it after pursuing a life in music, which in actuality was a life in construction work. And that finally led to a career change move in 2004 when I started to get my Associates Degree in digital media. At some point towards the end of that degree I came back to my love of programming.

After getting my first programming job in 2008, I have been at it steady for 9 years. And I don't see that changing anytime soon. No , I do not have a bachelors degreeā€¦ , however , I seem to being doing better than a lot of people who do. I have at least 4 years in college studying classes such as Calculus II, Probability and Statistics. I learned more when I was twelve on my Texas Instrument than I did in any computer science class.

( cue sound: computer 'dial-up' tone.)