The final version of this went live about a year ago. For a company called FirstMerchantsBank. The link here is to a 'dev' version before it's release.

Some designers had been to the Bill Gates center in Seattle and saw something that they wanted to replicate. An application that would allow people to upload a photo and a post from their phone and have it be displayed immediately upon a digital screen in the lobby. I created a way for them to do this in addtion to a backend for curating the posts and creating unique 'Campaigns'. For instance, 'Who is Your Neighborhood Hero','What would you do with a Billion Dollars', etc..

PHP, javascript, Jquery Mobile , MySql and javascript web workers to poll the database for recent entries.

used a php library called 'HybridAuth' that I configured so that users could log in via Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.

Social Wall Screencast

( how it works )

Social Wall Screencast

This is just a proof of concept. Responsible for: When I worked at 'Codigo' in Louisville, they were working on a media editor so that their customers could customize their own digital signage content. I created this piece so that users could create their own animations and then have the animation parameters get saved as JSON in the HTML. The way their system worked is that they would take a snap shot of the generated HTML and save it. So that is how this piece is designed to store data.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • VelocityJS

Animation Calculator Screencast

Job Estimator

This app was created to study WebSQL and the possibilities of creating offline web apps. It is not much to look at but it does have some relatively intricate logic and it's actually quite useful. If I had the time I would refactor this using just localStorage and JSON strings to persist the data and a more intuitive and responsive user interface.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • WebSQL
  • localStorage

Rough Estimation Software Screencast

Angular4 experiment

  • A modification of the 'Onespeed' Angular Webpack Starter Kit.
  • It demonstrates basic routing
  • It has been modified to be Responsive.

JPPA e-commerce