2015-Currently GoCodigo Louisville, KY

Creative Developer

This is a really interesting company. They provide customizable retail media such as digital signage and kiosks for a very reputable client base. I've spent the bulk of the last year creating a 'social wall' to engage bank customers in the lobby. Users can upload photos and a post to the wall and instantaniously see it on the wall with the other posters.

In addition to that, I write the code that allows our clients to interact with various APIs and submit their own parameters.


2014-2015 WestIP Communications Louisville, KY

Web Application Development

Here I worked as a back-end web app developer implementing new functionality and supporting legacy code, as priorities demand. The coding is primarily PHP, SQL, javascript and unix. West IP is leading the pack in the world of UCaas, and I'm glad to be a part of it.


2009-2014 Indatus/Mocura Louisville, KY

Mobile Apps

Currently I've been developing iPhone and iPad apps for a variety of customers. The applications offered a range of functionalities from surveys, to on-site inspection. A few years ago, I started learning objective-C to facilitate our move toward making mobile apps. I have been responsible for implementing everything from database architecture, web service integration, to UI/UX detailing with the graphic designers. I have delivered apps to our customers through the iTunes store and through mobile device management systems like MaaS360 and Test Flight.

Web Apps

I was working with and improving an 'in-house' PHP object oriented framework withcustom javascript interface components. I was primarily responsible for the front endwork, but had a lot to do with the engineering of components to facilitate the speed of developmentand consistency of code.
I integrated our framework with other frameworks such as 'Open Cart's' e-commerce solution. I used graphing systems such as 'Fusion Charts', 'Flot', and 'Zing Charts' to display our reports , as well as create custom graphing components.


2008-2009 Aircom Manufacturing Indianapolis, IN

Software Development

I was responsible for gathering requirements and business rules from engineers and administrative professionals to create custom software. I was also responsible for designing database architecture and user interface to provide required functionality. One of my other responsibilites was to fully integrate new code with pre-existing software. Two additional responsibilities were 1) providing training to users of the new software and 2) making sure that all new procedures were documented according to ISO standards.

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Paintings by Lawrence Forte