A quick estimate calculator for people who 'do tasks' with 'materials'.

How it works.

  • Add an Estimate
  • Enter your hourly rate and a job name.
  • click on 'open'
  • Now you have a blank estimate that you will add Tasks and Materials to.
  • You'll have to create the tasks and materials from the menu.
  • Create a task with a name and how long they take in minutes.
  • Create material and how much it will cost each.
  • Go back to Your 'estimate'
  • Now these are available to add to your estimate.
  • Adjust 'number of times' each task gets performed.
  • Adjust 'number of pieces' of each material you'll need.
  • Click finalize and see the results.
    • Cost of Tasks.
    • Cost of Materials.
    • The time it will take.
    • The total cost.
  • And...it works even if you don't have an internet connection!
  • currently on Chrome and Safari only.